Radee8™ is the one-stop shop for setting up a business entity in India. We offer advisory and consultation for the whole spectrum of organizational framework: from company inception, infrastructure (including setup of the physical offices) to running of day-to-day operations, and identify possibilities of expansion and diversification.
RADEE8’s Technical Services empower you to enhance your technical capabilities, optimize project execution, and deliver exceptional user experiences.
For an entity to function efficiently, it is crucial to have a logistics setup that functions like clockwork and keep up with the ever-changing legal & regulatory requirements. We provide end-to-end entity management services and ensure compliance with statutory and legal framework.
Administration and Facilities Management
Our team of chartered accountants, financial advisors, administration specialists offer payroll, accounting, facility and vendor management services. They also provide regular insights on best industry practices and suggestions to make the organization cost-effective.
RADEE8’s Accounting Services empower you to maintain accurate financial records, make informed financial decisions, and achieve transparency and compliance in your financial management. Contact us today to explore how we can enhance your company’s financial stability and performance.
RADEE8’s Managed Payroll Services streamline your payroll processes, reduce compliance risks, and optimize tax benefits, allowing you to focus on your core business.
Payroll Portal Automation, Services, and Management
RADEE8’s Payroll Portal Automation and Management Services are designed to empower your organization with automated payroll processing and efficient management tools. RADEE8 offers a holistic approach to payroll portal automation and management, enabling you to streamline your payroll processes and ensure accuracy and compliance.
RADEE8’s Shared Human Resources services are tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs, from recruitment and HR services to learning and development and staffing solutions.
Compliance and Certifications
Achieving and maintaining certifications and regulatory compliance is essential to instill trust in your stakeholders and safeguard sensitive data. RADEE8’s Compliance and Certifications services ensure you meet these requirements seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your core business goals.
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